On what depends the efficiency of

Men's potency depends on various factors. First of all it is about the physiology: health, blood circulation and testosterone levels. But equally important is the psychological status, relationships with the community and partner.

Men's potency

Health in general

The body of each person works individually. Sexual constitution, temperament and potency make up one of the indicators. In many ways it affects them hereditary component. But, as in any talent or function, on the development of potency of men affects a large number of factors. Here there are factors, both psychological, physiological plan. The most common of them is healthy, whether it is man basically.

Thus, the efficiency strongly depends on the health of the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure, chronic hypertension, may have an adverse influence on male potency. The same is true of low blood pressure. Heart problems complicated by sexual intercourse and weaken the potency, not less.

Atherosclerosis, the scourge of humanity in today's time, adversely affects the potency. Because cholesterol food stamps complicates the capillary blood circulation. And since it directly depends, how well will fill up with the blood the cavernous body of penis.

All the glands of the endocrine system are interrelated. Certain hormones can begin to suppress the other. Due to the bad work of one gland may suffer from and more. So the good the production of testosterone required for high potency, is associated with men's health in general.

From how the heart works and blood vessels, the glands of the endocrine system, depends metabolism in the tissues of the internal organs. If there are observed problems can show inflammation and swelling, stagnant processes in the genital organs. Disturbances in the functioning of the immune system also will be unnoticed for the level of potency. Because infectious agents often surprise you just prostate.

Fatigue and stress

For modern men very increased level of daily activity. The average representative of the stronger sex, are constantly faced with problems which puts before him the world. In the first place need to earn money, how to ensure yourself and your wife. But this is not enough, because it is necessary to keep your body in shape. And lo and behold, a man after a hard working day in office, after an interview with the director and dissatisfied colleagues, go to the gym.

It is not surprising that the evening of this day, nor about what a good potency will not be and speech. Constant stress, fatigue, both physical and psychological, very adversely affecting the sex drive. Frustrated husband often turns out to be incompetent on a good, stable erection. This is not surprising – because he just needs a rest.

Fatigue and stress


The hormone of happiness a good effect on male potency. Located in close connection with the production of testosterone. Man, that feels like a winner, without complaining about the low potency.

Endorphins are essential to man rejoiced life and went on, despite the difficulties. So happy, confident man is always shows good results and in bed.

If the level of these hormones is low, a man will suffer from weak potency. For the organism is weakened endorphin means that the conditions of human existence wrong. And that means that the time for an active sex life now is not the best.


What determines the efficiency? In the first place – from the levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone. On its synthesis in the body affects a large number of factors.

Testosterone directly increases self-esteem of men, the desire to pursue your goals, protect your family. This hormone is born to win, configures all new and new achievements. It increases the level of sexual drive of women and potency. In men with high levels of testosterone did not have problems with premature ejaculation or poor erection.


Fat cells directly reduce the level of male sex hormone. And that means, that for men to deteriorate and the level of potency. Why is this happening? Testosterone has the property of dissolving in fatty tissues. Therefore, the more – the faster he leaves this hormone is from the male body. And conversely, for lean men it is better than accumulate, is longer acting.

In addition, obesity worsens blood circulation in the pelvic area. Appear stagnant processes in the prostate gland, that is becoming harder to achieve an erection. Therefore, if you have problems with excess weight, and became hesitate, potency, in the first place to lose weight.

The force of the load

The force of the load

Intense high load trigger mechanism for formation of testosterone. What exercises are best suited to enhance the potency? The ideal sport is weightlifting, the second place – a strong versatility powerlifting. Here, the load takes a long time, but it is for the body extreme. The shock cause the testicles to produce the male hormone – it is called the effect of anabolism.

And vice versa, the endurance training, we are launching the process of catabolism. Fatigue after a long time of forcing the testicles to suspend their hormonal function. Why run a marathon for potency – a bad idea. Although all types of sports beneficial effect on blood circulation in the genital area. And that means that all runners or skiers potency will still be above average.

A sharp release of testosterone and increase potency leads only work with free weights. This means that with a normal barbell. Block simulators here will not fit. Male potency is necessary to make the pressure got the whole body, every muscle. And so the bar is the ideal way to increase the level of testosterone, increase potency.

Nice to have impact on the level of sexual appetite martial arts. Here reigns the spirit of competition, the will to win. And that's the main thing you need for a good testosterone on a psychological level.

A good night's sleep

The synthesis of the male sex hormone will suffer, if a man is chronically suffering from insomnia. Here is the reverse effect – men with endocrinology problems, trouble sleeping. Hard to fall asleep, tortured by insomnia, I often wake up in the night. And in the morning they feel overwhelmed.

Try to restore the normal regime of the day. You sleep less than required by a healthy person at your age. Maybe after a few weeks you will feel, as she returned the taste of life, the desire to win and good efficiency. This means that the main symptoms of high testosterone levels.

Psyche and society

When he put the problem of weak potency, often insufficient attention dedicated to the social and psychological side of the issue. After all, if a person has realized himself in life, his testosterone will fall, the psyche will prove oppressed. Respectively, the level of its potency will be reduced. It less will be to manifest his power and will, the less it will pay attention to women. And on the contrary, the man who is engaged in a favorite thing and financially independent, you will feel confident in bed.

Problems such a plan often come from childhood and relationship with parents. Every child requires love, careful relationship to each other, regular promotions. If these conditions are not met, it may in the future, problems with self-esteem. Man can from childhood to be sure in their power. And that means – and when it comes to the potency in him will be a problem.

Another important point – whether he was a boy in childhood with a strong android image. It must be the native father. If a lonely mother properly is suitable to parenting, the boy will always have before my eyes a sample of behavior. They can easily become a stepfather, uncle, family friend.



The relationship with his girlfriend, and later also with his wife, strongly affect potency. If a woman supports her man, she will feel stronger. The level of its effectiveness will be high. And vice versa, the constant quarrels and jealousy, complaints about the little things can reduce sexual activity.

A separate case – when a woman is trying to take over primacy in the family. For the man in the relationship is one of the main points – a sense of responsibility, to protect your family. And if this condition is not adhered to the prescribed tolerance, the testosterone time will drop.

Fears and anxiety

It's no secret that the first sexual experience always depended on the other sexual activity. Many men in his first time to show not too high results. Tax excitement, poor understanding of the situation. But if the partner at this point, it turns out that the sympathy and understanding that everything will be fine.

And conversely, if from her side of the man sees the ridicule, negative, hear in comparison with others – receive a wound. The consequences of that will be very difficult to treat even the professional psychologist.