A set of physical exercises to increase potency in men

woman in bed with a man with increased potency exercising

Exercise to increase potency is the key to maintaining a man's sexual potency. Physical exercise speeds up the work of the cardiovascular system, increases testosterone levels and helps get rid of extra pounds. Thanks to the implementation of all the exercises described, over time, a man will be able to achieve the desired result.

A series of exercises

squats to increase power
  • Exercises for the small pelvis. To begin, a man must get on all fours and breathe. On the exhale, one leg is retracted back, after which it descends to the surface and, without touching the ground, is retracted to the side (thigh and torso should form a right angle). After bending it while inhaling, the leg falls to the floor and the exercise is repeated with the other limb. You should perform at least 5 repetitions on each leg.
  • Birch. Thanks to this exercise, you can significantly improve the flexibility of the spine, strengthen the muscles of the body and make your posture more correct. In addition, birch helps reduce pressure on the peritoneal cavity, which improves blood supply and trophism of the pelvic organs. The technique for performing the exercise is quite simple. A man should lie on the floor, then ensure that the reference points for the body are the shoulders, the back of the head and the neck, and that all other parts are in an upright position. In the absence of necessary physical preparation, you can help yourself with your hands in balance while your legs are above your head.
  • exercise birch for power
  • Squeeze the ball. To perform this exercise, you need a small rubber or plastic ball about 20 cm in diameter. The man should stand upright and spread his feet shoulder-width apart, bending them slightly. Then he places the ball between his knees and, stretching his buttocks, squeezes it. You should start with 30 reps and work your way up to 50.
  • Voltage. The patient should lie on his back, bend his legs at the knee joint, firmly press his feet to the floor and relax his arms. At the same time, he should concentrate as much as possible on the muscles of the small pelvis and feel tension in the anus and penis. The voltage should be held for 3-5 seconds. The strength of contraction of muscle fibers and the number of repetitions are important, so the exercise must be repeated systematically. It can also be practiced standing or sitting on a stool, which allows you to practice this gymnastics even during working hours.
  • Run in place. The man should stand up straight and place his feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bent. After that, you can start imitating running, without staying in place and without taking your socks off the ground. The patient should quickly and alternately raise the heels, while pushing the knees as far forward as possible. The effectiveness of such gymnastics lies in the fact that due to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, the blood supply to the pelvic organs is more intense, which improves erectile function.
  • Bike. Most doctors are convinced that cycling exercise should be the main component of gymnastics for every man. Many will find it rather strange that such physical activity helps with impotence. However, the systematic implementation of exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic region and prevent a decrease in potency. In addition, health-conscious patients should also jog, jump rope, and swim.
  • exercise bike for power
  • Triumphal arch. The man should lie on his back with his knees slightly bent. The feet are placed on the ground and firmly pressed on it. Having fixed the position of the body, you need to raise the pelvis as much as possible and try to create a familiar bridge for everyone. This exercise will help improve flexibility and normalize blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Suction cup. You need to sit comfortably in a chair, straighten your shoulders completely and lean forward a little. After that, you need to press against the chair as hard as possible with the muscles of the perineum and try to hold on to it, after 2-4 seconds of static tension you can relax. You need to repeat the exercise at least 10 times and at the same time control the phase of tension and relaxation.
  • A corkscrew. To perform this exercise, you need to sit on a stool facing your back and grab it with both hands. After that, you need to perform clockwise circular movements, trying to perform breathing movements using the abdominal muscles.
  • Cobra. The technique for performing the exercise is as follows. A man should lie on his stomach, bring his legs together and put his palms at shoulder level. On inspiration, you need to raise your head, bending your back with a "cat", while your hands serve as a support. Then you need to stay in this position for 7-12 seconds, while breathing deeply and exhaling calmly. Returning to the starting position, you need to make sure that the chin is lifted.
  • Let's do the hoop. Circular rotation of the pelvis will help activate blood flow in this area, stretch muscle fibers and ligaments, preparing them for further training. You need to come straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, put your hands at waist level, and then start training the pelvis in a circle. You can start by doing 20-30 revolutions in one direction. The rotations should not be excessively slow or on the contrary dynamic. It is necessary to keep the average rhythm of rotations and gradually increase the load. If desired, you can purchase an ordinary hoop, which will make the exercise more complete.
hoop rotation for power

Diminished potency is a problem that every man will face one day. However, it depends only on him at what age there will be a deterioration in sexual performance. The fact is that only proper nutrition, sufficient physical activity, healthy sleep and a decrease in the amount of stress can have a beneficial effect on health. Therefore, a complex lifestyle change can improve the functioning of male genitals and exercise plays a major role in the power of this conservative therapy.